Our Programs

While Ignite’s programs and services are designed to meet the immediate and long-term needs of unstably housed youth, it’s our sense of community that truly makes Ignite unique. In each program we offer, participants build deep relationships with one another as well as our staff that continue to positively impact their lives long after they move on from our programs.


Ignite Housing

More than just a safe place to stay, Ignite utilizes a comprehensive model with supportive services and action plans to ensure youth are on a path that includes personal and economic growth.

Ignite Policy

We believe youth homelessness is too often invisible. Ignite’s advocacy for our youth lends a consistent voice at city, state, and national levels to help make our youth visible.

Ignite Outreach

Whether through direct street outreach or enagement in schools or with community partners, Ignite rises up to connect with youth experiencing homelessness that may not find us.

Ignite Aftercare

Youth can still receive our support after exiting our programs to ensure a smooth transition back into the community, helping Ignite be the last program our youth will ever need.